Fantastic Weekend Deal

July 25th, 2014



Exabytes has launched a new promotion, the Fantastic Weekend Deal! Register a domain at DISCOUNTED RATE over the weekend at your own pace, no rush, and no peak hours anymore. Just take your time to slowly register your favorite domain.

All you need to pay is just USD10 (for the first year) for a .COM/.NET Domain Name. You can register as many as domains you want, as long as they are new domain registrations.

To enjoy the fantastic discount, place your order(s) on either Saturday or Sunday, and key in the coupon code “HAPPYWEEKEND” at checkout.

To find out more, visit:

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Hari Raya Aidilfitri Greetings from Exabytes

July 23rd, 2014


Hari Raya Aidilfitri is celebrated by Muslims around the globe to mark the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting.

Considered one of the most important celebrations for Muslims, in which empathy for the poor, love and forgiveness, charity, worship, patience and family values are expressed, friends and family from different cultural and religious backgrounds can be seen enjoying their time together at the much awaited open houses.

In conjunction with the festival, our office will be closed on July 28 & 29 and resumes operation on July 30. However, please don’t forget that our professional technical team will still be working 24 ×7 to assist you in case of any technical issues. Although it’s a public holiday, please do not hesitate to contact us via our ticketing system.

Happy Holidays Everybody!

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35% OFF on RoundIcons, Exclusively for EDC Members

July 14th, 2014


RoundIcons provides the ultimate icon sets which are suitable for any Design Projects. Dress up your websites, prints, infographics or applications with a unique touch of these versatile sets. It doesn’t matter if you’re a regular user or a pro designer, you will find RoundIcons collections easy to use and worry-free.

Their products include Flat Icons, Scene Icons, Outline Icons and more. Besides, FREE icons are also available, check them out and see if they suit your taste.

The best thing about RoundIcons is that all the icons were created using vector shapes and are provided in both AI (Adobe Illustrator) and PSD (Adobe Photoshop) so that you can scale to any size you want without any quality loss. In addition, you can Change the color elements of an icon.

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BETTER, STRONGER, FASTER Power Dedicated Server with Built In Dell RAID

July 10th, 2014

Power Dedicated Server
Choose Power Dedicated Server to have all the better and stronger features all in one!


What makes a Power Dedicated Server? On top of the usual great features like Intel Quad Core CPU, 32GB RAM, Unlimited data transfer and two 1 TB HDD, Power Dedicated Server also comes with Dell’s Redundant Array of Independent (RAID) built into the HDD, which guarantees the degree of fault tolerance and performance.


Also, Power Dedicated Server takes safety to another level as it comes with software firewall, for both Windows and Linux. For monthly subscription, setup fee is just $169, and if you opt for quarterly, the setup fees are FREE!



R1Soft Backup

Not Powerful enough? Just add another one-time $700 upgrade fees and you can upgrade to Power Pack! With Power Pack, R1Soft backup will be provided, which can back up your data daily for a 30-day retention period, without any space limit.


Bandwidth will also be increased from 30Mbps to 100Mbps, which is a total of 70Mbps upgrade. Service monitoring will be provided as well with this upgrade.

FREE iPod Touch

Oh wait, when you purchase this Power Pack, Exabytes will reward you with a FREE iPod Touch! It’s all yours if you opt for a one-time $700 payment instead of $4000 per month!


So what are you waiting for? Act NOW before offer ends!      




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.COM / .NET at $2.38 only !! – US Independence Day Promo

July 3rd, 2014

US Independence Day Domain Sale

Time flies, it’s again the time for us to commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Parades, fireworks, family reunions, are you ready for all that?
To celebrate this important occasion, Exabytes wishes to extend to you this special offer valid on 4 & 5 July ONLY! .COM & .NET domains are UP FOR GRABS at $2.38 ONLY for the first year!
This promo is however, limited to 100 Sign-Ups ONLY!
Act QUICK to Grab! It’s first-come, first-served.
** To Enjoy this promo, simply key in Promocode “July4″ at checkout.
Happy Independence Day Everybody!

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CEO Chan Shared A Discussion On Stage At HostingCon 2014 In The US

July 2nd, 2014

HostingCon 2014, the premier industry conference and trade show is attended by people from all areas of the hosting and cloud provider industry including key decision makers, bosses and professionals every year.

This year, founder and CEO of Exabytes was extremely delighted by the chance to share a discussion on “Global Hosting Issues and Trends” together with other hosting heavyweights and industry experts, on the stage in front of the audience.

Once again, we at Exabytes thanks HostingCon for giving us the opportunity to share the latest news, ideas and technology and reach out to more like minded entrepreneurs, IT specialists, etc!

To all the audience at HostingCon 2014, it was a pleasure sharing with you!



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CRAZY $3.99 .COM Domain Deal – NO KIDDING!

June 27th, 2014

Are you crazy about the FIFA World Cup in Brazil? Well, some really crazy thing is Now happening at Exabytes too! Yes, it’s the Crazy .COM Domain Promo that lets you own a .COM domain for JUST $3.99!!!


No kidding, with only $3.99 for the first year, customers Now Enjoy BIG SAVING of Over $10.00 for each new .COM domain registered.

Exabytes Help You Stop Scammers/Spammers
Exabytes $3.99 .COM Deal also comes with option to add on spam and scam protection, namely ID Protect. ID Protect prevents ill-intentioned spammers from obtaining the email addresses, contact information, etc of domain registrants and distribute or sell them to some unscrupulous marketing firms.

This CRAZY Deal ends on 30th June 2014! So Act Fast to grab your favorite .COM domain!

Act NOW to Avoid Paying MORE in the Future!

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eSeed – ABSOLUTELY FREE .COM/.NET Domain & Premium Webmail (LIMITED TIME ONLY!!)

June 20th, 2014

Attn: Businessmen & Start-Up Owners!

Exabytes Now offers FREE one year Business Class Email ( as well as a FREE Company Domain Name worth USD70.00 for businesses & start-ups!!


What Is Business Class Email Anyway?

Business Class Email is MORE THAN JUST EMAIL and it’s much more powerful than free email services! It’s a one-stop platform for emails, calendars, contacts, files and more.


WHY I need Business Class Email (

Build Trust and Credibility

Increase customer trust when communicating using own company emails as customers are assured that the person is a true representative of the company, and not some phishers or scammers. This is no doubt, extremely important especially when negotiating a business deal.


Avoid Losing Customers

A business that have own company email addresses will not be affected when its partner or staff leaves the company. This is because the owner of the business can access any email accounts and take over the tasks handled by the person previously. On the contrary, if the above mentioned staff/partner had used his personal email account to communicate with customers before he left, conversation records and even business might be stolen.


Be Different and Unique

With unique company email addresses, a business can stand out instantly in a crowded marketplace.


Make the Business Memorable

Own email addresses make potential customers remember the business better and easier as they are unique.


Reputation & Professionalism

Create a good image for the company or business.


WHO Is Eligible?

To find out more, please visit:


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3 Simple Steps To Get Notified by Exabytes Facebook Page !

May 29th, 2014


Always looking for a way to get notified on Exabytes (US) Facebook Page? Look no further, just follow these 3 simple steps to get notifications and stay one step ahead in getting to know our exciting and rewarding upcoming events, tips and contests, just for you!

Step 1 – Like Our Facebook Page

Show your overwhelming support by liking Exabytes (US) Page and sharing it with those around you.

Step 2 – Like = Follow

Once you like our Facebook Page, you will automatically follow our posts, just like when you add a friend.

Step 3 – Click “Get Notifications”.

To ensure that you get the latest posts from Exabytes (US), simply click “Get Notifications” from the drop-down menu under Like.

Now you’re done!

Congratulations and thank you for your great support!

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Exabytes SG Is Now SGNIC Accredited Registrar!

May 8th, 2014
Great News!
Exabytes Network (Singapore) Is Now Officially a SGNIC Accredited Registrar! We’re extremely proud and delighted with the accreditation, after fulfilling the stiff requirements of SGNIC.
SGNIC Accredited Registrars Are:
- Better trusted by local buyers in SG
- Most updated with latest & accurate SG domain promos & prices
  • It was formed in October 1995 with the purpose of administering the Internet domain name space in Singapore.
  • It provides domain registration services for .sg,,,,,, etc
  • It has helped to register over 150,000 domains as of today
  • It has held numerous CNY HongBao Promos over the years to benefit many businesses & individuals. For example, SG Domains for SGD8.00 each or below for the entire month of February
Once again, we wish to extend a million thanks to all our valued customers for their wonderful support over the years. We wouldn’t have achieved this without you!

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