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Benefits of using Webmail vs Email Client

April 8th, 2014

A brief explanation for Email Client is a program that is used to access and manage (read send, organize emails, etc) a user’s emails.  In other words, users of email client can only access their email account when they are in the office or before a particular desktop / laptop.

Webmail is becoming more essential than email client for all businesses due to the fact that users can have direct access to their webmail while they are away from the office or on holiday. Webmail has brought convenience to its users / business owners. Bear in mind that Webmail is completely different from Email Client.

Check more on the infographic below tells you the benefits of Webmail in a much clearer way.

www-webmail (1)

1) Easy Access

- You can access webmail directly as long as you have internet access

- You only need to remember the URL which brings you to your email login, your email address (equivalent to your login ID) and password.

2) Backup

- By using webmail, you can still access all your information (previously sent emails, drafts, other folders, etc) anywhere with a browser and internet connection.  No configuration or additional software is required, just an Internet browser.

- NO worries of data loss even if your computer crashes or in the case of theft.

3) Universality

- There are many types of email accounts, but no email accounts can be accessed through the email program. Email clients connect to the account via server by using email protocols such as POP or IMAP. If these are not available, then the program will not be able to access the messages, and users will be unable to check and reply to clients’ emails.

4) Do not need to own a computer

- Webmail accounts can be used at any he computer. Thus webmail users do not need to own a computer as they can access their emails using a friend’s laptop, or simply at a cyber café


Enjoy 60% STOREWIDE Discount, Support EARTH HOUR!

March 25th, 2014

Earth Hour Sale

Exabytes’ Earth Hour 60% Off Storewide Power Sale Is Set to Surprise you!

Does it make a difference if I turn off the light on Earth Hour?

The global movement encourages everyone to turn off their energy consumption equipment for one hour on 29 March 2014! So next, we would turn on the light and live as usual, right?


Not entirely! By just switching off for 60 minutes, you’re joining the force to convey an extremely powerful message to the general public to save energy and reduce climate change!


Who Will Join?

In Earth Hour 2012, over 7,000 cities and towns in more than 150 countries around the globe decided to switch off their lights to send a strong reminder to tackle climate change. It is believed that this year we can all do it a lot better!

Earth Hour 60% OFF POWER SALE

Earth Hour 60% Off Power Sale is a one-day only promotion that starts at 0:00 and ends at 23:59, 29 March 2014. All products on the official website of Exabytes Network Singapore are up for grabs at 60% discount, except for domain registrations and dedicated server hosting.
To enjoy the promo, key in promocode as below at purchase.

Promocode: EarthHour60
For more details, visit:


More Tips to Protect Mother Earth

  • Recycle whenever possible
  • Avoid frozen food
  • Purchase wisely – for example, go for LED lighting and energy saving air-conditioner; choose organic food
  • Take shorter showers instead of a bath
  • Consume less meat
  • Avoid carrying unnecessary load in your vehicle


Join Earth Hour & Get Rewarded!


Terms and conditions:

  • 60% off is applicable for new sign-ups only.
  • 60% off is NOT applicable for domain registrations, secure & enhancement service products  and dedicated server sign-ups.
  • Exabytes reserves the right to amend any Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

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4 Ways To Promote Business Websites And Increase Traffic

March 25th, 2014

540x540-4ways-inclrease-traffic (1)

Does your website have low traffic? Are you curious about WHY others have thousands or hundred thousands of visitors? There are in fact, a few effective ways which can promote your business websites and increase traffic.


1) Social Media

 Do you have any social media account or fan page such as Facebook? If your answer is NO, this is one of the reasons your website is not getting enough traffic.

Start promoting your website with FREE media channel such as Facebook to save your company plenty of financial resources.

You are able to see the powerful effects on your business once you have a Facebook fan page for your business. Facebook can help to attract thousands of visitors or more to view your website. Benefit from the power of Facebook. Use it to boost your website traffic and generate profits FOC, by promoting your company products and services! Remember to include a link which will bring your fan page followers to your website.


2) Direct Mail

Some might still be under the impression that sending emails to customers from time to time is unnecessary as many fear that customers would consider the emails as SPAM. The truth is emails can help your business greatly if used correctly.

You can use direct email to keep reminding your customers of your existence. One way of achieving this is to send greeting emails to them from time to time especially during festive seasons.

Besides, you can collect your prospects’ email addresses by offering them free gifts. With more and more customer email addresses in your database, you can inform them of your promos and let them click on the link provided in the email before directing them to your websites.


3) Guerilla Marketing

Using an attractive way to promote your company website or brand name, guerilla marketing is a good method to increase the traffic of your company webpage. It will make people remember your brand name easily and people may start to surf your company website and increase traffic.

You can start the first step by designing creative and special business cards. Most of the business cards are in rectangle shape with a name and contact number. Think out of the box! Create something different to attract customer attention.


4) Coupons

This is another way to drive traffic to your website. You can distribute free gifts or coupons to customers and require them to first visit your website and key in their contact info (such as email addresses) before redemption. This will help in boosting your web traffic as well.

Coupons if used correctly can help your business to build a good relationship with the customers and gain their trust at the same time. Once they have experienced your good products and services, they will definitely come back.

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Congratulations! The World Wide Web turns 25 years old today

March 14th, 2014


Twenty-five years ago, the World Wide Web was just an idea from a young computer scientist at a European physics lab. Today, the simple idea had become a vital thing in everyone’s lives, linking BIILIONS of people together, thanks to Tim Berners-Lee for the great invention.

The young computer scientist started to invent the www in 1989. At first, he was rejected and ignored by his colleagues when he proposed.  However, with great perseverance, he wrote the first hypertext browser/editor (World Wide Web) and the first web server (http), which was launched to the public in 1991.

Two years later, there were more than 500 known web servers and the World Wide Web had counted for one per cent of the Internet traffic. Twenty years later there were already an estimated 630 million websites.

The Global Internet Usage Statistics 2013 shows that there are 2.4 billion Internet users around the globe. Today, www has become a part of our lives. Many cannot imagine life without the www.


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Happy Chinese New Year!

January 28th, 2014

It’s that time of the year again where you see red lanterns, red packets, and happy chinese songs being played everywhere in the malls. Yeap, Chinese New Year is back to embrace us again and on this auspicious day, we would like to wish all our customers good luck in everything you do, prosperity to continue, blessings of good health and good fortune to last the year through!


To celebrate this special occasion, our office will be closed from January 31st to February 2nd and resumes operation on February 3rd. However, in case you encounter any technical issues, don’t fret! Our professional technical staff will still be working 24×7 to assist you via helpdesk day and night.

Lastly, may you spend a fantastic time with your family this Chinese New Year watching fireworks and enjoying some culinary traditions! Gong Xi Fatt Chai!


2 Chinese New Year Gifts from Exabytes!

January 21st, 2014


Good News!

In this Chinese New Year, Exabytes would like to reward our loyal customers with some New Year “Ang Pau”!

New Year Gift #1
For all Windows & Linux Hosting Plan, we have increased the email attachment limit from default 20MB to now 50MB!

New Year Gift #2
Are you one of our Windows EBiz Plus or EBiz Gold plans’ customers? If yes, you should notice an email space upgrade in your account. From previous 4GB to a generous 6GB NOW!

We hope you enjoy the gifts! Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!



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Exabytes 888 .Asia Crazy Sale

January 20th, 2014


CNY is just around the corner and due to this festive season, Exabytes will be throwing .Asia promo for as low as USD0.88 for the first 88 clients. Owning a domain is the first and most important step towards a good Online Branding which can greatly increase your business competitiveness.


The promotion will end on 31st January 2014 or when maximum of numbers are reached, whichever comes first. It is worth nothing that the price of .Asia Domain is increased by USD1.00 for every 100 domains sold. Each customer is only entitled to purchase ONE .Asia Domain and is only applicable for new registrations only.


Click Here for the .Asia Promo

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Happy Thaipusam!

January 16th, 2014

One of the best things about having many races living in harmony is that, one gets to observe many types of celebration, one of them being Thaipusam. Just in case you didn’t know, Thaipusam comes from an amalgam of the words “Thai” – referring to the Tamil month of Thai (January – February), and Pusam – the brightest star during this period.


In conjunction with this celebration, our office will be closed on January 17th and resumes operation on January 20th as usual. However, should you need any assistance on anything at all, our professional technical team will still be working 24 ×7 to assist you in case you encounter any technical issue.

Happy Thaipusam from all of us in Exabytes Network and enjoy the holiday, everybody!


Exabytes Wishes You A Happy 2014!

December 30th, 2013

Time flies, and before you knew it, we’re closing the 2013 curtains and welcoming a brand new year — Year 2014! A New Year means new hope, new resolutions and starting with a clean, new slate. If you’ve got your list of your own new resolutions, that’s awesome! If you haven’t, it’s not too late to start one and be sure to try your best to meet them all! :)

New Year 2014
To celebrate these special occasions, our office will be closed on January 1, 2014 for New Year celebration. However, in case you encounter any technical issues, don’t fret! Our professional technical staff will still be working 24×7 to assist you via helpdesk day and night.

Last but not least, Happy New Year and Happy Holiday, everybody!


HO HO HO! Merry Christmas Everyone!

December 20th, 2013

Deck the halls with boughs of holly,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.
Tis the season to be jolly,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.

If you hear this carol being played almost everywhere you go at this time of year, it could only be one thing — CHRISTMAS IS HERE! After all, what is Christmas without reindeer, Christmas trees, Christmas stockings, mistletoes and of course, Christmas songs right? ;)


On this wonderful occasion, Exabytes Group would like to take this opportunity to wish ALL OF YOU a very merry Christmas and a happy new year! And because we don’t have fairy dust in our hands, we made some beautiful Xmas greetings instead to spread the Xmas magic to all of you! You too can spread the Xmas magic! Simply choose from an array of beautiful Xmas greetings HERE with your loved ones, and make their day! :D

To celebrate this special occasion, our office will be closed on 25 December 2013 and resume operation on 26 December 2013. However, please do not hesitate to contact us for any technical assistance via Helpdesk as our professional technical team will still be working 24×7 to assist you day and night.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday!