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December 2011 Employee of The Month

March 9th, 2012

Three months has lapsed since we bid farewell to year 2011. However, we are still not able to forget a selfless angel who dedicated a great deal and gave us all her best in the very last month of 2011. Yes, you’ve guessed it right! We are talking about our beloved EOTM December 2011 who set an extraordinary example for all Exabees especially newbies at Exabytes.

She is named ‘the satellite’ in our office who knows about everything about everybody which includes a person’s love life, family matters and even daily complaints. How has she managed to do so? Well, our star of December 2011 is an extremely good listener whom many of us find it easy and comfortable to tell her our problems. Outside work, she devotes a great amount of time doing something she absolutely adores – handmade art! She loves creating little things such as name card holders (the cute version) and has a website for her fans to check out her new items and collectibles and follow her on Facebook.

Together, let’s give a big round of applause to level 3 System Engineer, Ms Tan Ee Dawn!!

Last December, she had again raised the benchmark for EOTM with her impressive working attitude such as the following:

  • is punctual all the time
  • always provide good guidance to juniors
  • is very friendly to all colleagues
  • demonstrates good organizing skills at team building events, such as Christmas celebration
  • is responsible for all the tasks assigned to her

Congratulations Ee Dawn, keep up the good work!

Superstar of the Month

April 2011 Employee of The Month!

June 6th, 2011

The famous movie Gozilla has always reminded us of ‘Size Matters!’ But in last April when it came to judging a person’s ability at work and his/her professionalism, it appeared the opposite. For this person, size doesn’t really matter! Although she is small-framed by nature, she stands tall at work. Although she looks all cute and adorable, she is determined and capable in overcoming hardship at all costs.

In April 2011, she is our Employee of the Month who is worth a big round of applause! Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you our charming, adorable Venusian at Exabytes, our beloved Account Assistant, Jessica Sim!!

Not only is Jessica extremely helpful to juniors in guiding them, she is highly dedicated and has never minded putting in extra hours to clear up aging invoices. She enjoys mixing around with almost everyone in the office, and is known to be exceptionally patient even under work pressure.

And the following just give us more reasons to choose her as our EOTM April 2011:

  • Very good in task arrangement with team members
  • Takes the initiative to clear aging invoices by following up accordingly
  • Goes the extra mile to guide juniors
  • Takes the initiative to work overtime
  • Gets problems solved in short period
  • Are good friends to everyone in the office
  • Very patient even under work pressure
  • Willing to take extra responsibilities

Congratulations Jessica! You have proven that ‘size doesn’t matter’!

Superstar of the Month

March 2011 Employee of The Month!

June 6th, 2011

It’s again the moment of truth! Time passes by like lightning and we are here again to announce our respected EOTM of March 2011. Before we reveal the big secret, we gonna keep you in suspense and let’s see if you could figure out who the big star is for the third month of 2011.

He is one of the Martians in our technical support team who possesses the most boyish charm. Talk to him and you will usually be greeted with a playful smile, and a super friendly and heart-warming “How are you doing?” In March, he outperformed many of us by taking the initiative to solve the issues in server migration even during non-working hours. Besides, when approached by colleagues and juniors for help, he is known to be ‘speedy’ and extremely helpful.

Any idea who this young man is?

Without further ado, let’s put our hands together for KK Kwan, our young and charming System Engineer!!

Not only is he a fast self-learner, Kwan possesses more amazing qualities at work which successfully impressed our ever critical judges of EOTM such as:

  • Stays overtime to complete tasks at helpdesk
  • Dedicates his non-working hours to solve issues in server migration
  • Attends to clients’ requests well and is very responsible in doing follow-ups
  • Helpful when assistance is needed from juniors or colleagues
  • Friendly and affable
  • A fast self-learner
  • Shows great improvements at work
  • Positive attitude, great teamwork

Congratulations Kwan! We salute you for your selfless attitude to work.

Superstar of the Month

January 2011 Employee of The Month!

March 2nd, 2011

Will the EOTM please stand up, please stand up! 30 days is not a long time, and who in Exabytes office is able to make miracles twice within 30 days? No doubt, there is such a ‘superhuman’ in our office, his working attitude and dedication is so superb that there is no other way round for our ever critical EOTM judges except declaring him the 3-time EOTM in just 7 months!! Gosh, not only is this guy fantastic at work, he possesses fun and affable personality and a sexy smile (claimed by some). Besides all these, we all know that his ‘mou lei tao’ sense of humor has always brightened up our days in the office.

Some of you might be very familiar with his amiable face as well as he used to be the person our clients saw every time they clicked on the link to send Exabytes a helpdesk ticket. Be it our VPS (Windows Private Server) web page, Business Web Hosting page or other hot promotion page, his amiable face was seen everywhere.

Without further ado, let’s give a big hand to EOTM January 2011, technical engineer, MR Gaveen Khor!!

Apart from all the good qualities we know, allow us to highlight a few:

-Take the initiative to speak to clients to resolve technical issues.

-Positive Working Attitude.

-Resolve complaints in highly professional manner

-A heart to work extra time

Triple congratulations to you Gaveen! You are our Role Model of the Year and we are so proud of your self-sacrificing spirit at work!

Superstar of the Month

December 2010 Employee of The Month!

February 8th, 2011

Happy 2011 everybody! While year 2010 had left us about a month ago, we still wish to rewind to the past as the last Star Employee of 2010 is yet to be announced! Yes, things wouldn’t be perfect without us wrapping up our 2010 ETOM with the queen of December. Before we reveal the big secret, we wanna keep you in suspense and let’s see if you could figure out who the big star was for the very last month of 2010.

She is the most caring person at Exabytes who sits at the Customer Service desk and uses the phone as her weapon. She speaks and writes excellent English. She is a big fan of huge teddy bears and likes it the most when it is given by someone special in the office as her birthday present. (It happened only 2 weeks ago) And like many of us, she too has a liking for different cuisine and a discerning palate.

Wait no more! Let’s put our hands together for Sharon Teoh, the Star of December 2010, from Customer Service Department! Sharon, Sharon, your working attitude has always made us proud and we always know that you being an EOTM is just a matter of time.

And this time, she was voted as EOTM of December 2010 because:

  • is always able to perform and be outstanding at work.
  • comes out with several ways to contact our customers for renewal and follow up with them accordingly.
  • performs ABC testing and shares with billing team the successful ways to persuade customers to renew.
  • spirit of ‘never give up’ until payment is collected. Since she was assigned to collect debts, the renewal rate among customers has improved.
  • does very well in follow-ups with customers on overdue invoices.

Congratulations again Sharon! We salute you

Superstar of the Month

November 2010 Employee of The Month!

January 21st, 2011

There is a saying that lightning doesn’t strike twice, but recently at Exabytes, good news does happen to the same person twice. This person is the master of Steven Chow’s ‘mou lei tao’ humor, and he usually tells jokes with a very innocent face. In November 2010, he had once again impressed our ever critical judges of EOTM, and emerged as the best employee within only 5 months for the second time.

That’s right! It’s the moment of truth, and we are proud to announce our November EOTM – technical engineer, MR Gaveen Khor! Besides being a highly productive and dedicated staff, Gaveen is also an avid filmmaker of short comedy-clips. Although not professionally involved, he is keen on the hobby and has not missed out on any chance to participate in many local humorous short-clip making competitions.

Not only is his working attitude worth mentioning, Gaveen is a very likeable person who always carries a smiling face. Last November, he was again voted as the EOTM because:

  • has the initiative to come out with solutions to enable clients easily understand what EBuzzzz is in Exabytes newsletters
  • friendly to every team member
  • tries his best to assist clients or any team member to assist clients
  • able to cooperate with teams
  • able to communicate clearly when questions asked
  • responsible for the tasks given to him
  • able to assist customers professionally

Congratulations Gaveen, you have proven that good news can indeed happen twice! :-)

Superstar of the Month

October 2010 Employee of The Month!

January 21st, 2011

She…, is a female in our sales department. She…, is an able person who possesses leadership and she…, is the best performer in the company’s latest team building. Not only that, she is considered a very fast learner unanimously by a lot of us. Before we say goodbye to 2010 and say hello to 2011, Exabytes wants to congratulate this dedicated staff in our sales department who has been with the company for less than one year and yet, has shown us that with hard work and persistency, a person can indeed master the knowledge and skills at work and excel at them, within a short period of time.

Without further ado, let’s put our hands together for October’s EOTM of Exabytes – Online Business Development Executive, Pei Yin! Not only does Pei Yin have a good command of English, she is also able to communicate very well and deliver clear messages to clients. This again, has set up an excellent role model for our junior executives especially in the sales department.

Last October, she was voted the EOTM for the very first time because:

  • best performer in team building
  • aggressive approach in sales and problem solving
  • leadership style
  • fast learner
  • good in English and able to communicate well
  • able to deliver clear messages to clients

Once again, congratulations to Pei Yin, you are the star of November and we are so proud of you!

Superstar of the Month

September 2010 Employee of The Month!

October 13th, 2010

As we march into the month of October, it feels that September has left us in the blink of an eye. As usual, everyone at Exabytes seems to be engrossed in his/her new challenges, new performance target and so forth. And in the midst of hectic daily work and numerous meetings, someone in the office has made a history in the month of September.

With self-sacrificing spirit, an outstanding employee in our Technical Team has managed to impress our ever critical judges of EOTM! In fact, choosing the EOTM is never an easy task for our panel of judges, as almost everyone in the office deserves compliments in terms of their hard work and dedication.

But in last September, someone has stood up among others, and here we are delighted to present to you our EOTM of September, System Engineer MR JY Teh!!!

For the last 4 years of his service, JY Teh has never stopped to impress us with his great sense of responsibility and high level of initiative. This time, he is again voted as our EOTM because:

  • Good follow-ups in server alert notification ~ mail spool monitoring
  • Assists to check server alert even it’s not within the scope of his monitoring task
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Understands clients’ enquiries very well

Employee of the month - September 2010

Congratulations JY Teh! This is not the first time you’ve made it, and we salute your self-sacrifice.

Superstar of the Month

August 2010 Employee of The Month!

October 11th, 2010

August is an important month for Malaysians, as our Independence Day falls on 31 of August every year. But at Exabytes, August also makes us cherish…, cherish the hard word and dedication of a special person who manages to shine and make himself proud in the entire office.

That’s right! It’s again the moment of truth, and we are here to announce our EOTM of August!!

But before we reveal his/her name, let’s divulge some hints about this important person.

This person is a Martian, not only that, he is the tallest Martian in the office. A social being, he has no problem making friend with a stranger. Socializing is his weapon, impress a person after just a few minutes of conversation is his second nature. If these aren’t enough hints for you to guess it right, this August person has recently applied to be transferred to Exabytes’ Business Development Department – International Division.

Yeah… let’s put our hands together, for our August’s EOTM – MR Arren Tan!!

Reasons Arren was chosen as the star of the month are:

  • High sense of initiative – initiative to test on InstantAlert and
  • Quick responsiveness – prompt response on Helpdesk
  • Dedicated, highly committed to team work.
  • Able to work independently and is very resourceful

A cheerful person by nature, Arren is dedicated and unselfish when it concerns work. And in August, Arren had made himself and all of us at Exabytes proud!

Employee of the Month - August 2010

Congratulations, Arren, and keep up the good work!

Superstar of the Month

July 2010 Employee of The Month!

August 17th, 2010

Time lapses, it’s already middle of August. Looking back to July, there were a lot of things happening and there was also SOMEONE VERY IMPORTANT and definitely worth mentioning in the month of JULY! :-) Yeah… you’ve guessed it right, it is the moment of truth, and we are here to announce our EOTM for July 2010.

Well, this person is no new face to us at Exabytes and a lot of our clients, as he has been with Exabytes for more than 3 years, assisting customers in finding the most value-added hosting packages and answering all their hosting doubts both via email and telephone.

Patience is his motto and giving the most thorough explanations to clients is his principle. Besides, if you have followed our stories on the various departments in Exabytes, our July’s hero is one of the ‘Active 5′ in our Business Development Department – Malaysia Division. Without further ado, let’s give a big round of applause to welcome our EOTM July 2010 – MR Kevin Ooi!!

Kevin in our eyes, is no ordinary colleague, for his great patience in dealing with customers has put many of us in awe. And in this July, he is officially voted as the EOTM because:

  • very patient in guiding juniors to sell better
  • very patient when handling sales calls + helpdesk tickets and guiding clients at his best
  • works well and is very friendly with his team members and all the colleagues from other departments
  • communicate well with team members
  • initiative to propose/suggest more efficient ways to handle daily tasks

Employee of the Month (July 2010)

Congratulations Kevin, you make us proud!

Superstar of the Month