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ExaBee Langkawi Team Building – Part II

October 27th, 2010

To begin from where it was left . . .

16th October 2010 Post Lunch

To drive away the lethargy, we were drawn into some truly refreshing activities. ‘Big fish-small fish’ being the one where everyone was completely in, big fish was symbolized with hands together & small fish was hands apart, the rank opposite – this being done to achieve tandem between brain and body. The big fish small fish has been pronounced incorrectly as big “shit”, small “shit” when we are going fast in this game. Was fun all the more, we got some realllly big fishes and some very very tiny ones too! :D

In the end, it was only two people who were left to get it right till the finish.

Everyone are too excited in this game and no picture taken for this game. But … we have a video for you here.

Big Fish Small Fish

Then began what was possibly the most engaging, mentally challenging and possibly the defining activity of the entire two day event. This was called “Make Your Own Money” where the four groups which had already been formed took up individual departments too, there was the Sales & Marketing department, Customer Service, Technical support and Finance department. All the department were given charts for this. We had to call out “X” or “Y” and then would win or lose money depending on the combination of “X” or “Y” received, departments would make millions or lose millions. To begin with, the technical support team led the pack till the 4th round, in the 5th round, stakes were doubled where you lose double money or win double money, the 8th round was triple money, 10th round was five times money.

It was all going well till the 5th round where stakes multiplied, some departments were making millions, some losing millions, not very good for the company. In true team-building spirit of co-operation, the department heads and members came together and decided to flash the same cards from round 8 to ensure the company made handsome profits across all departments! There was such a lot of discussions, arguments, division and also co-operation, it symbolized and truly encapsulated the entire two day event. In the end, the company was the winner, as it should always be!

Everyone was so excited getting the graduation certificate for this fruitful team building.

Participation Certificate

Group Photo time for everyone that attended this ExaBee Langkawi Team Building.

Group Photo

Follow by Individual team photo.

Tarzan Team

Tarzan Team

Wonder Blue Team

Wonder Blue Team

9 King Coconut Team

9 King Coconut Team

The Cube Team

The Cube Team

Chan & Instructor - James Leow

Dinner on Saturday was “steam-boat” and lot of spirits too (we were in Langkawi, how can we let go this opportunity! :P). It was fun, merry-making, lot of healthy banter too. Thus ended Friday & Saturday.

17th October 2010

An early breakfast gathering at 08.00 took place at the hotel lobby. We all had checked out and converged for breakfast and a sort of tour around Langkawi.

Even here, true to our “Customer First” motto, we had our support personnel on duty from the hotel. They were to join us later and some of the members who had been part of the morning batch would take up duty in the noon.

Post breakfast, we departed to experience the cable-car ride, a 30 minute drive from the hotel.

It was a truly amazing, stomach-churning experience for some, but wonderfully riveted with nature. From level zero to 850 meters above sea-level in just about 15 to 20 minutes is an uplifting (pun intended) feeling! After reaching the topmost station, we walked towards the cable bridge and walk-way put up for tourists and visitors to literally walk through heavens, such was the mist and haze here. At that height, it was so breezy, we had hairs going around everywhere, some people being pushed by the wind and some of us enjoying 100Plus! Below are some pictures from there, just see the panoramic views and nature in its purest form.

We came down from there and proceeded for lunch at KFC where our morning support shift personnel joined in. Post lunch was leisure for an hour where all of us did what we wanted. Some went bowling, some played pool, some were just window shopping. At 3.30. PM we all gathered back at the bus station to leave for the duty free shopping spree everyone was waiting. We were taken to the Teow Soon Huat super-market for the poisons of our life – chocolates, spirits, alcohol and cigarettes. We all bought bagfuls.

Langkawi airport saw all of us together at 5 PM. We checked in and waited for our Firefly flight back to Penang. Some snacks water and drinks helped spend an hour. We also were upto Facebook updates, twitter updates, mail updates – the internet faithful and addicts that we are :). We took off from Langkawi at precisely 06.20 PM having collected for ourselves a lifetime of memories, learning, education, spirit of co-operation and more importantly fun filled camaraderie.

We landed in Penang at 06.55 PM. Off we went to our houses and pads. Monday morning was never more refreshing at 1-18 Suntech@cybercity!

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ExaBee Langkawi Team Building – Part 1

October 20th, 2010

And so we all went to Langkawi, the land of the Eagle & Red Limestone. Every Exabee was there, along with their spouse or partner or single as the case maybe!

15th October 2010

Friday being a weekday, the office had to be open to welcome our guests and customers, so we all left in groups, four in all, scattered across the day, dividing work equally amongst all ourselves. Keeping true to our motto of customer first, we had our support team and sales team working from Langkawi too in turns :) Our customers would never suffer from lack of attention!

Below is some pictures of how the OneHotel Helang Langkawi where we had our team building. This hotel is just right beside Langkawi airport. It is 5 minutes walking distance from Langkawi Airport to our hotel, but the Hotel do send van to carry all of us from airport to hotel.

The entire staff assembled for dinner in the evening which was followed by a session of team-building exercise. It was the start of what was to be an eventful next couple of days. It all started in right earnest with each of us formally introducing ourself – mentioning our name, home-town and favourite animal and soon enough it was time for us to unwind and then rewind to become kids! It was the game where we were divided equally, partitioned by a curtain and then had to guess the other person’s favourite animal by memory! It was fun all the more. You could trust exabees to have some weird faves, we did not disappoint, out came from the closets of our mind favourites like cockroach, pokemon, godzilla, dinosaur! One of us had ‘human being” as favourite animal!!!

Having broken our inhibitions so to say, we got down to some work (fun work). We formed in all four teams comprising an average of 9 exabees namely – Team ’9 King Coconut’, Team ‘The Cube’, Team ‘Tarzan’, Team ‘Wonder Blue’ with respective captains, war-cry, flag and a logo too!!! Friday comprised of very sober happenings, like the proverbial lull before the storm so to say.

16th October 2010

Saturday morning was breakfast followed with stretching exercises it should always be the other way round, but then you know that at Exabytes we do things “differently”, pun intended. It was a new way of exercise, one which was intended at making us all relax and really get into fun mode and frolic. Stretching was followed by a game of follow the leader kind of thing. We discovered new terms like “whoosh‘ – a pseudo for pushing the onus on your neighbor, ‘Hantu”, which would mean we all change our places in the big circle and run to another place – we did not spare the CEO either in this, and sporting that he was, he also did not let a misbehaving spine meddle in the fun.

The first serious activity of team building in-room activity began with a game about togetherness, we were given a few ice-cream sticks and asked to make a triangle of it without using glue. Once done, next challenge was to put up a star with 15 sticks without breaking.

Time was then for jig-saw puzzle with 6 pieces being given and told to form an A-4 size perfect rectangle.

Further bonding was forged when all of us put together had to pass on a stick to each other without letting it drop even once on the ground from any person. Doing it with 2 or 4 people is a tough nut to crack, try picturizing this being done by 36 people all in co-ordination, in rapt attention and concentrating. We were all pushing each other for this, and lo and behold, we managed to pass the stick around 9 times to each other i.e. a total of 324 passes without a miss – Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United cant do it!!! The purpose of the entire team building exercise was being realised there itself.

It was 90 minutes before lunch. Time for the “Amazing Team Building Race”. It was upto the teams to visit 14 locations within the resort, click team photographs as proof of visit (sabotaging was allowed too!). Points were awarded based on who came first to the training hall after visiting all 14 places. A further twist was to resolve 5 separate puzzles – a combination of brain & brawn with subtlety.

Picture below is one of the spot given by our instructor.

and picture below is picture of “The Cube” team took at this spot.

It was time for lunch on Saturday and so do we also rest the team building update here. There is plenty still coming up in our next update, as always we promise bags full of fun, games, activity but more importantly teaming with each other. Part II follows . . .

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